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Date: Tue Oct 05 2004 - 20:57:34 BST

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    Hi Chuck, Scott, All:

    More faith-based metaphysical assumptions of the scientific worldview:

    Determinism—all effects emerge from prior natural causes.

    Rationalism—the intellectual engine that drives scientific inquiry

    Reductionism—complex phenomena can be explained by isolating simple
    elements and processes.

    Empiricism—reality grounded in sensory phenomena.

    Materialism—matter/energy is the source of all phenomena including human

    Externalism—nature and its laws exists independent of human observation.

    Mechanism—basic processes stem from causes that can often be formulated in
    mathematical terms.

    Experimentalism—models of cause and effect must be tested by repeated

    Evolutionism—continuous development is brought about by blind chance and
    natural selection.

    Emergentism—some phenomena occur as the result of self-organizing

    Conditionalism—new discoveries may invalidate current theories.

    Humanism-intellect should regulate society for the good of all.

    To defend their faith, science-loving SOM types mock, demonize and
    marginalize competing views, using highly emotive language and implying
    that all "intelligent" people must agree with them. We have witnessed such
    on this site.


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