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From: Scott Roberts (
Date: Tue Oct 05 2004 - 23:52:44 BST

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    > "some of them (like the Trinity) are not accessible by reason alone.
    > held the view that "revelations were not rational when revealed, but were
    > revealed so that they may become rational" (something like that), and this
    > is the basis of the old Augustinian maxim: faith seeking understanding."
    > So, in the end, the Church gets it whichever way it wants it. Holy
    > Just believe. Ressurection of the body? Just believe. Virgin birth?
    > believe. Infallability of the Pope? Just believe. Mel Gibson knows his
    > shit? Just believe. The rhythm method works? Just believe and save up
    > a seventh addition to your house. God hates fags? Just believe, mangle
    > constitution and take your son to a Clint Eastwood movie.

    I'm not defending Aquinas' view, just stating it, to make a small
    correction to what your seminarian friend said. Religion has changed a lot
    since then, even Catholicism. If you are going to treat religion as if it
    were all of the "God hates fags" sort (no knowledgeable Catholic would say
    this), then there is no point in further discussion.

    - Scott

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