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Date: Thu Oct 07 2004 - 12:59:04 BST

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    Hi Scott,

    > Then I should have used the more explicit name 'scientific materialism'
    > instead of 'scientism'. My apologies, though I have often seen the two
    > terms ('scientism' and 'scientific materialism') used interchangeably. With
    > that substitution, I did challenge your first post. Science is an activity,
    > not a doctrine or metaphysics or faith. Some scientists (like Dawkins) are
    > scientific materialists, but many others are Christians, Muslims,
    > agnostics, etc. who do not hold that evolution proceeds by blind chance,
    > etc.
    True. Some scientists believe in the supernatural or withhold judgment on
    the existence of a higher power. I dare say, however, that most scientists
    are atheists although I can't at the moment point to a survey that says

    I don't think you can deny that science is based on certain unprovable
    assumptions (which I have pointed out) and that as such, those assumptions
    are accepted on faith. I would call that "scientific doctrine" and a
    Subject-Object Metaphysics. (SOM). I fail to see the relevance of your
    distinction that science is an "activity" because religious practices are
    also activities.

    Finally, terrorists adopt the biological moral code of "might makes
    right." That's what makes terrorism a biological pattern.


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