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From: Platt Holden (
Date: Thu Oct 07 2004 - 12:37:52 BST

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    Hi Rich,

    > Hello Platt,
    > you said-
    > > To defend their faith, science-loving SOM types
    > > mock, demonize and
    > > marginalize competing views, using highly emotive
    > > language and implying
    > > that all "intelligent" people must agree with them.
    > > We have witnessed such on this site.
    > We have? I don't doubt you but I have been here well
    > over a year, read each post pretty carefuly, and I
    > haven't seen anybody act like this. I think anyone who
    > did though, whould be pretty foolish, and knocked down
    > to size soon enough. I remember one guy (Pi?) now come
    > to think of it, and he didn't last long. It's always
    > wise to know thine enemy. Point me in the right
    > direction!! Take care, Platt. You are one of my
    > favorite reads here, a treasure, always showing an
    > ernest contrary opinioin to others and sticking up for
    > your quality stance.
    > Rich

    First, thanks for the kind words. I appreciate them a lot. Second, I had
    in mind those who bash Christian fundamentalists (and Christians in
    general), implying in no uncertain terms that such "bible-thumpers" are
    dumb hicks, a step below Neanderthals with Nazi tendencies. I won't name
    names, but I'm sure you can detect those with an anti-religious bias by
    reviewing some recent posts as well as the archives on this site.



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