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From: Charles Roghair (
Date: Fri Oct 08 2004 - 05:27:00 BST

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    On Oct 7, 2004, at 4:37 AM, Platt Holden wrote:

    > First, thanks for the kind words. I appreciate them a lot. Second, I
    > had
    > in mind those who bash Christian fundamentalists (and Christians in
    > general), implying in no uncertain terms that such "bible-thumpers" are
    > dumb hicks, a step below Neanderthals with Nazi tendencies. I won't
    > name
    > names, but I'm sure you can detect those with an anti-religious bias by
    > reviewing some recent posts as well as the archives on this site.
    > Platt

    I'm going to assume your referring to me, Platt.

    I maintain that my beef is with institutions and not parishioners in
    general. I'll decide on whether I like parishioners as individuals on
    an individual basis, the way I do with all other individuals.

    If you disagree with that, please cite an example of where I bashed any
    individual unfairly and I'll apologize.

    And if you were not referring to me, I'll apologize now.

    But if you did mean me, I don't appreciate the thinly veiled anonymous
    spanking, which allows you your sanctimonious spiel without having to
    take any responsibility. If you've got a problem with my posts, say so
    at the moment. Also, please cite examples; I don't think I ever
    mentioned the Third Reich anywhere.

    Finally, for you to state "in no uncertain terms" what I may or may not
    have been implying so emphatically is remarkable. You should take that
    act on the road.


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