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Date: Fri Oct 08 2004 - 01:16:24 BST

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    Hi Platt

    On 7 Oct 2004 at 7:14, Platt Holden wrote:

    > Hi Horse,
    > > On 6 Oct 2004 at 16:40, Platt Holden wrote:
    > >
    > > > So what was the atom bomb? As I recall, scientists created it. Not to
    > > > mention intercontinental missiles and chemical/biological weapons.
    > > So you're saying that scientists design and build WMD either to silence
    > > those who have competing scientific views or who threaten the scientific
    > > world view?
    > No. I'm saying scientists are no less prone to killing their fellow human
    > beings than any other group,

    Really? I haven't noticed any recent occurrences of fundamentalist biologists flying
    aircraft into large buildings. Nor have we witnessed suicide bomber chemistry
    professors wreaking havoc in the name of Darwin or Newton.

    > and will rightfully join others who kill to
    > preserve their freedom to pursue their scientific world view.

    Again, I'n not aware of any examples of wars fought to force the theory of evolution on
    other societies.

    > The quote from Dawkins expressed a holier-than-thou attitude typical of
    > know-it-all scientists. That's what got me riled.
    I think Dawkins main point is that the in the struggle for the dominance of science the
    main weapon has been argument and not violence. The history of religion shows just the
    opposite. Something to be proud of and not denigrated.


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