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Date: Sat Oct 09 2004 - 06:16:09 BST

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    Hello Scott:
    > I think there is an answer to this dilemma in ceasing to look on language
    > as just a tool (which I consider a SOM limitation) and concentrate on
    > language itself. Not in what it describes, nor studying its syntax,
    > semantics, and pragmatics (not that that is uninteresting), but looking
    > into its conditions of possibility, and seeing it as a microcosm of the
    > macrocosm.
    > Oh yes, a reference for the logic of contradictory identity: The
    > Nothingness Beyond God: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Nishida
    > Kitaro, by Robert E. Carter.

    Intriguing...will certainly check into it.


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