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Date: Fri Oct 08 2004 - 06:19:53 BST

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    [Skipping a great deal, but I've fallen too far behind, so I just want to

    > mel:
    > To discuss MoQ in language will trap us in SOM.
    > To look for MoQ outside of language makes it
    > incompatible with a pholosophical approach.

    I think there is an answer to this dilemma in ceasing to look on language
    as just a tool (which I consider a SOM limitation) and concentrate on
    language itself. Not in what it describes, nor studying its syntax,
    semantics, and pragmatics (not that that is uninteresting), but looking
    into its conditions of possibility, and seeing it as a microcosm of the

    Oh yes, a reference for the logic of contradictory identity: The
    Nothingness Beyond God: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Nishida
    Kitaro, by Robert E. Carter.

    - Scott

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