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    On 22 September 2004 7:18 AM Scott writes to DMB et al:

    I agree that recognizing human intellect as a fourth level of value is a
    big deal. In fact, I think it is an even bigger deal, since intellect
    contains within itself the dynamic/static business. It therefore gives us
    an empirical source for better understanding the DQ/SQ split.

    Basically, I don't think that "pure experience" is a useful metaphysical
    concept. All experience involves something or other. In any case, Pirsig
    treats intellect as covering up "pure experience" (as in the hot stove
    example), ignoring that intellect can also be as pure as any other
    experience, as in Poincare's aha! moments. On the other hand, if it is
    referring to the mystic's experience of absence of all SQ, then it is
    ignoring the greater mystical achievement, of Realizing that nirvana is

    Hi Scott et al:

    I think you have written brilliantly! Thank You!

    I would like to try to apply the use of intellect to the essay on written by Matt Kundert. IMO Matt questions Pirsig's motivations in making a distinction between Philosophy and Philosophology. If I understand you correctly you could say that the social level has an intellectual part which produces philosophology which Matt shows to be quite creative. The intellectual part of the intellectual level creates philosophy which is creative in a different way.

    Applying that insight more rigorously, evolution proceeds from the intellectual part of the inorganic level to the organic. From the intellectual organic to the social, and from the intellectual social to the intellectual, and from the intellectual intellectual to bliss or created higher-awareness. Awareness is present in all levels and is modified mystically which is why I prefer mysticphysics to metaphysics.

    The urge to logic is a moral consideration, the true is moral and the false is immoral. I wonder how Mt.Everest views the hydrogen bomb?

    Everything is composed of three forces. Evolution embodies the three forces. And now I am into the soup.


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