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Date: Wed Oct 13 2004 - 15:33:30 BST

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    > [joe] it is hard for me to discard a mystical experience of DQ!

    No reason to, as far as I can see. Human intellect is different from
    Intellect, and mystical experience can be seen as a momentary breakthrough
    of Intellect.

     Do the self
    > and awareness share the same definition? To say a couple of things about
    > like 'creativity' and 'drives evolution' acknowledges a mystical sense.
    > are its limits?

    Since DQ sets limits (which are SQ) it is unlimited.

    > IMO morality is not merely the logic of awareness. Morality
    > is the response of awareness to the evolution of levels. How can I avoid
    > if I divide self and awareness?

    Why divide them? To distinguish is not to divide. SOM makes the division
    real, but in the MOQ (and what I am aiming at), awareness creates the self
    and what it is aware of in the act of awareness.

     IMO awareness is dynamic only in relation to
    > its own existence. IMO my focus, awareness, is extremely limited. I want
    > experience the fullness of DQ!

    "You" cannot experience the fullness of DQ, if I understand what mystics
    are saying. The fullness of DQ creates/experiences many "you's" by setting
    limits. (IMO, of course.)

    - Scott

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