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From: Scott Roberts (
Date: Thu Oct 21 2004 - 16:23:51 BST

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    David M,

    > the whole cosmos is perhaps a selection from the more infinite
    > on the basis of value, this selection is a tricky business though,
    > we get both the beautiful and the cruel, can we finally
    > produce something that makes the suffering worthwhile,
    > is it a cosmic art form, is art worth it? Is mankind the super-artist
    > or a disappointment?

    My view is that mankind is somewhere in a child or adolescent stage. It is
    still struggling -- has barely started, it often seems -- to get out of the
    social level. Since it is not yet mature, it needs the social level to keep
    it safe in its sandbox, but our effort should be to grow up, through
    learning intellectual discipline and putting the social level to sleep, as
    you said in a different post, by living simply. Then we can be

    - Scott

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