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Date: Thu Oct 21 2004 - 13:23:44 BST

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    Hi Jain,

    Welcome to the discussion of Pirsig's Metaphysics of Quality. I'm
    interested in your "writing and assessing the qualities of paintings." I'm
    curious about you mean by "artistic intentions" and how you determine such
    intentions by viewing a painting.

    I also wonder if you agree with Ken Wilber that, "Great art dissolve ego
    in nondual consciousness and is to that extent experienced as an epiphany,
    a revelation, a release or liberation--great art as release from the
    tyranny of the separate self sense."

    Any comments you wish to make would be appreciated. Thanks.


    > Mark:
    > Well, I have read ZMM so I'd like to try to respond to this. It's an
    > interesting exercise, and I've practiced it with paintings - writing and
    > assessing the qualities in paintings. But usually we try to make sure that
    > the two paintings in comparison are of similar genre. In other words, you
    > would not necessarily ask which is the better quality: Picasso's Portrait
    > of Gertrude Stein or DaVinci's Mona Lisa? Too many things differ, too many
    > artistic intentions are dissimilar in the works. Really can't be clearly
    > compared. So I'm wondering this about the two poems you present. Are they
    > similar enough that we could compare Quality? If you presented two Haiku
    > for instance, would this make the task more revealing of what Pirsig was
    > trying to demonstrate to his students? Just my thoughts....and hope you
    > don't mind my posting, as I've not graduated from Lila yet....!

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