MD is God real?

From: Sam Norton (
Date: Thu Oct 21 2004 - 10:31:38 BST

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    Hi Mark (SH)

    You asked: In what way(s) is God different from Pirsig's Quality?

     I once outlined to Wim the way in which I relate (conceptually) the MoQ and standard Christian
    doctrine, along the following lines: God the Father = Quality, God the Son = Static Quality
    (embodied, expressing the different levels) and God the Spirit = DQ. That isn't fully worked out,
    but it 'gestures' towards a way they might be reconciled. Certainly I tend to think of Quality as a
    comparable term to God (or sometimes 'meaning'), although - as you might expect - I think there are
    some significant differences. Which is why I would also add a difference to DMB's amusing list:
    Quality doesn't care about the individuals lost in 9/11, only the actual and potential intellectual
    patterns (ideas). God sees the individuals lost as precious in their own right.


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