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Date: Sun Oct 10 2004 - 16:50:38 BST

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    Hello David,
    > > well, it's very hard to see past all the SQ is it not?
    > >
    > >
    > > DM
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    It would seem to be in our normal consciousness that
    SQ will always dominate the experiential landscape.

    The depth and richness, the complexity and intricacy of
    what has accumulated in a level, be it the array of niches
    in an ecosystem, the dependent melange of a culture,
    or the vast discernment and synthesis of all the schools
    of thought, are going to be the bulk of manifest subject
    matter. That's what we see.

    Since it is the relationships within and between what
    we perceive that denote the systems and meanings,
    the levels of complexity become or approach the
    logarithmically exponential.

    DQ, despite the infinite possibility, is, except for the
    present moment of perception, only seen in its
    becoming. That is part of the insight of Zen.

    If we hold the complexity in mind, with our normal habit
    of consciousness, we will see only tiny "blips" of DQ.
    Should we instead release our attachment to the complexity
    we perceive in normal consciousness and open ourselves
    up to an uncluttered perception of the present moment, we
    will see less of the SQ, and DQ will become the far larger
    part of our perceiving.

    SQ resides in time and habit, it is dependent.
    DQ resides in being and without separation


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