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Date: Mon Oct 11 2004 - 13:15:30 BST

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    Hi Horse,

    > I can't see that Dawkins is doing anything of the sort. He is merely
    > pointing out the obvious. That science has an infinitely better track
    > record than religion in respect to the use of violence. Religious bigots
    > have slaughtered thousands, at the very least, in their quest to impose
    > their beliefs on others. How many have been killed by bigots and zealots of
    > science in order to promote science as a dominant belief system?

    I apologize for not making my view clear. Dawkins supports a belief system
    which denies the existence of God. Communism and humanism are belief
    systems that also deny the existence of God. Godless belief systems have
    slaughtered millions to impose their belief systems on others. In fact,
    during our lifetimes atheist communist dictators Stalin, Mao Tse-tung and
    Pol Pot have alone slaughtered some 88 million souls. Even if you count
    Hitler and Tojo as religious bigots, the total they killed doesn't come
    close to the number butchered by nonbelievers. That's why I objected to
    Dawkins' sanctimonious support of his pagan belief system.



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