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Date: Mon Oct 11 2004 - 15:30:52 BST

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    Hi all,

    You may remember a while back that DMB and I were trying to convince
    someone (Ian, I think) that bad logic can be very dangerous in the
    real world. Take a look at the following line of reasoning:

    "Dawkins supports a belief system which denies the existence of God.
    Communism and humanism are belief systems that also deny the
    existence of God. Godless belief systems have slaughtered millions to
    impose their belief systems on others. ... That's why I objected to
    Dawkins' sanctimonious support of his pagan belief system."

    msh says:
    Now, imagine a world in which people who reason in this way actually
    have political and military power.

    Actually, sadly, it's not hard to imagine...

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