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Date: Mon Oct 11 2004 - 15:38:18 BST

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    Hello Joseph,

    > [joe] This sounds wonderful! Is there a logical perception of complexity,
    > and a mystical perception of the moment? Are there practices which release
    > 'holding complexity in mind'? What is 'being' and 'our normal habit of
    > consciousness'? How do I make awareness = 0 in the present moment? There
    > seems to be so much in what you say, and yet I understand so little! How
    > you do it? Please!

    In the array of who, what, when, where,
    how, how many, how much etc., all my
    e-mail conveyed is "what" and anything
    conveying just what is usually in the
    category of "easier said than done."

    At best it (what) can be a clear goal.

    How? Well, there is a different way for each
    person to "get it", that is, to get started. Some
    have found the Zen approach helpful, but the
    key is that at some point effort moves from talk
    to doing... from thinking about it to being it.

    Centuries, millenia even, of gifted teachers have
    struggled with conveying cartain clarity, I am no
    such, nor is e-mail the best vehicle...

    good luck



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