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Date: Wed Oct 13 2004 - 16:34:57 BST

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    I sent an email on this a few days back but it doesn't seem to have showed up, probably resend it later.
    But quick question. I am not trying to manipulate your words because you didn't literally say this but this is honestly the impression i got from reading this. I don't know if my impression is wrong or not ( i realize that this is not what you wrote and am sorry if my impression is off).
    But the discussion is about a new field science being better than an old field of religion.
    And so in reading this I got the sense of down with the old (religion) and the up with the new. But then you say maybe Buddhism can help show the way, but that is an old religion.

    MarshaV <> wrote:

    Hi DM, and everyone.

    And aren't scientists lucky? The questions is how to promote that
    experience for everybody else.

    And sharing the experience is also wonderful. I've been to a few all-night
    fire/drum circles. There I had moments of the Divine and community. It
    was truly wonderful under those stars. I suppose singing in a choir also
    provides sharing such an experience.

    But there are many ways to experience the Divine. My son is a
    firefighter (third generation). One day he said to me "I love my job, I
    can't believe I get paid to do it." That's another way to experience the
    Divine, through work. There are probably many ways of experiencing the
    Divine. Being the solitary-type, it's painting for me. Painting is my

    The Big Three just don't connect any more. That old-time-religion is just
    same-old/same-old. A bunch of old-thinkers, afraid of losing their power,
    trying to control the rest of us. I think many people experience the
    limitations as frustrations. Many don't, but the number of those searching
    for something more is multiplying.

    The scientists need to speak to us, and their voices must reach us, with
    hope. (Not the kind of hope manufactured in an ad room! ) Maybe Buddhism
    can show the way. The trinity needs to be replaced by
    everything-is-connected-to-everything and still maintain room to exalt the
    individual, both man and woman. Where's John Lennon when you need him!


    I try to.


    At 06:12 PM 10/12/2004 +0100, you wrote:
    >Personally I can imagine once again
    >sharing a recognition of the divine with
    >my fellow beings. It would need to stand in
    >a clearer light than we now have, where
    >the differences and compatibility between
    >religion, science, philosophy, etc would
    >be in great harmony. A sharing closer
    >to knowledge than faith but full of the divine,
    >as scientists often report as experiencing
    >in their relationship with nature.

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