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    Hello Ian,

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    > :-) Nice one Mel.


    Re your prior post...
    "Unfortunately for all you Christians, the sanctimonious B**s currently
    leading our nations both declare their faith in your god..."

    It seems that the tremendously ignorant,
    who charge into affairs with "faith in God"
    as their opening bet, seem not to get the
    distinction that their own faith does not
    translate into our faith in them as candidates/
    elected officials to the same degree, much
    less the MANDATE they feel entitled to.

    Ever wonder if "theoretical" God occasionally
    cringes? ;-)

    To your bigger issue, IMO, theo-neutrality seems
    a more prudent position than weighing down
    MoQ with centuries of associated notions that
    don't rest comfortably...goes for schools of
    philosophy as well.

    I find myself in agreement...


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