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Date: Sun Oct 17 2004 - 23:43:38 BST

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    Hello David,

    Your statement:
    > Have you not noticed that
    > men really fear women,
    > why otherwise deny
    > them equality? seems to
    hold several defects to my
    ear (eye).

    Maybe this is a change in
    "micro-culture", but with the
    exception of damaged individuals,
    I do not experience in persons
    of my acquaintence either fear or
    dislike of women as women.
    (one's EX being the notable

    It implies that one is empowered
    to either grant or deny freedom to

    By the exercise of responsibility
    one creates freedom; one essentially
    becomes the author of one's own.
    (obviously slavery is social and coercive,
    but I don't read your statement as that.)

    Do you really believe this or was
    it a case of contextual entusiasm?

    On the other hand I find your linkage
    of female and DQ intriguing...


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