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Date: Sun Oct 17 2004 - 23:12:08 BST

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    DMB said to Scott: seem to be using it to invent a little intellectual judge who
    inspects patterns at each level.

    Scott replied:
    The judge is called DQ, until intellect appeared in humans, when it is also
    called human intellect. (and later added)
    .........Although DQ is involved in all judgment, one can also hypothesize
    non-corporal entities of various levels and complexity doing the judging.
    These would be such entities as Sheldrake's morphogenetic forms, or perhaps
    what other traditions have called angels or spirits, or personifications of
    species or forces (as in Amerindian mythology which has, say, Coyote as a
    protagonist), and so forth. Naturally, this is all wildly speculative as to
    where one says this is an intellectual form but that isn't, but a hypothesis
    that there are such non-corporal thinking entities doesn't seem to me to be
    all that unreasonable.

    dmb says:
    I'm sorry but there's no nice way to put it; your position is ridiculous. I
    had already become convinced that you're in way over your head, but now I
    also think you're a little bit nuts.

    But that doesn't mean it hasn't been fun.

    Good luck,

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