RE: MD is god real?

From: Scott Roberts (
Date: Tue Oct 19 2004 - 17:38:44 BST

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    > In what way(s) is God different from Pirsig's Quality? (msh)
    > dmb:
    > Assuming you mean the God we're all familiar with from Sunday School and
    > those George Burns movies,...
    > DQ is not angry or jealous.
    > DQ does not have a chosen people or a beard.
    > DQ does not have a church and children do not pray for it to take their
    > souls should they suddenly and senselessly die during the night.
    > Actually, its all in there if you look at it with the eye of a poet rather
    > than the theologian.

    But this is precisely the sort of thing that modern, non-fundamentalist,
    theologians do NOT assume, and struggle against.

    > The wind blows where it wills, and you hear the sound of it but you do not
    > know whence it comes, or whither it goes; so it is with everyone who is
    > of the Spirit. (John 3:8)
    > The wind. What could be a better metaphor for the Dynamic?

    And if it is not a metaphor? (Sorry, that's a message from the other

    - Scott

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