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Date: Wed Oct 20 2004 - 02:32:43 BST

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    On 18 Oct 2004 at 22:39, Jim Ledbury wrote:
    Turing test was coined c. 60 years ago to try to get people to think
    about the problem of thinking machines. I think we have to think a
    little more specifically now, like can they understand the halting
    problem and how do we test for this.

    msh says:
    I think a well defined Turing could still be useful, despite the age
    and intention of the test. Don't know if you saw Blade Runner, but
    it's about a guy who's job is to find and destroy some pretty
    convincing human-impersonating cyborgs called Replicants. Most he
    can spot with ten or so questions, till he comes across one played by
    Sean Young who takes more than 100 questions to give it up, so to
    speak. Seems like if you could build one to handle a few hundred
    thousand questions that would get it through a normal human life-span

    As for the HP, I'm not sure what you mean by understand it. Just
    that the computer would recognize it's faced with an undecidable
    problem and say so? Like in War Games (I'm in a movie mood) when
    Joshua is forced to play Tic-Tac-Toe against himself. He plays
    faster and faster, then, rather than loop, or hang, or melt down, he
    stops and calmly says: "Strange game. The only way to win, is not
    to play." Since the underlying metaphor in that case was nuclear
    warfare, I'd say that was one fully aware machine.

    I haven't a clue whether something reasonably AI-ish can be built in
    my lifetime, but I won't be asking it into how it feels if this
    should happen: perhaps the element of emotion is intrinsic to what
    we would accept as intelligence; maybe we won't recodnise something
    without emotion.

    Yeah, but we can't even be sure we're dealing with genuine emotion
    when it comes to some more or less certifiable human beings. We
    could program a tear or a fit of rage, but how do we program love?

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