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Date: Wed Oct 20 2004 - 23:00:01 BST

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    Hi Sam,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    As for Clancy, I've read a few. I think he tells a good story,
    except when he gets bogged down entertaining himself with the
    technology of warfare. In the Cold War novels like Hunt For Red
    October (the movie of which I liked very much) his overt jingoism
    grows a little tiresome, you know, the Russians are always just
    slightly less bright, less moral, more lazy, more prone to betrayal,
    their technology not quite up to snuff.

    Anyway, thanks for your vote. So far, looks like were tied 2-2, with
    one abstention.

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    On 19 Oct 2004 at 22:27, Sam Norton wrote:
    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the poems. Excellent exercise.

    I prefer the second, although I like both. I find the second more
    bodily, and more humourous, hence easier to identify with, not least
    its first line, which is so refreshing and basic. (I doubt you like
    Tom Clancy novels, but there's a good bit in one where Jack Ryan, as
    newly installed POTUS, wakes up to take a leak, and Clancy goes into
    this disquisition about how it identifies him with every other male
    ever born.)

    I'd be fascinated to hear other people's perspective.


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