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Date: Sun Oct 24 2004 - 12:25:49 BST

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    Hi Erin, Hi Marsha, Hi Rich, and Hi Everyone,
    Although I know Pirsig and moq website for a long time, I have newly
    started to follow moq_discuss.
    Unfortunately, I am not able to follow the mails and think about them
    (which they deserve) because of my tough routine and time constraints.
    But I have felt myself to intervene the discussion at this point: what
    does the MoQ say about coincidences?
    I hoped the members would find it as a quite interesting and improving
    issue. It didnt happen so far.
    And Marsha's reply made me confused.
    Is something's meaning is equal to its definition? Does MoQ says like
    that? Isnt there a "essence" of the things beyond their definitions
    given by us?
    Isnt there is a reality of the things which free from our words?
    Or, Marsha, have you used this statement just for this example: for the
    term "coincidence". Thinking "Coincidence is a word by created by us,
    nothing more. It can just have a definition, which is variable for each
    cultures. It is just a literal term, and has not an internal truth which
    corresponds to some phenomenons of the real world".
    I will appreciate if you explain these. I am asking it just for to learn
    about MoQ's approach. I think it is a good place to start to learn about
    Regarding to Erin's original question, although I am not sure, MoQ would
    become much more interested, if I were not get it totaly wrong.
    In my thought, coincidence is just coincidence most of the times. But,
    if there were something else beyond it (again, I am not sure) it should
    be related with syncronicity.
    I think, this term deserves some attention of MoQ, at least because of
    its meaning given by Jung, and his relation with Buddhism.
    I will give two articles below which they explain it better than I
    could. I am sure there must be much more articles on this subject.

    Best regards,
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    What makes something a coincidence and what makes it more than a
    coincidence, i.e., what does the MoQ say about coincidences?

    The meaning of coincidence is whatever definition you give it. I assume
    it tends to stay within the boundaries of your culture's accepted


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