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Date: Sun Oct 24 2004 - 14:04:51 BST

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    Hi Mel,

    > Hello Sam:
    > As I read it, one lesson woven through your post
    > about the "actors" and their "actions" is that:
    > belief is always an inferior or lower quality
    > state than knowledge, in terms of "real world"
    > support.
    > Belief Statements are probabilistic or qualified,
    > while Knowledge Statements are deductive or
    > definitional.

    That was part of what I was getting at when I made the distinction between two 'types' of belief,
    one of which is purely intellectual and academic, the other which is action guiding and
    affect-related. What you are calling knowledge I was calling type 1 - but I disagree that it is
    always 'inferior'. Horses for courses I think - most of the important things in our lives aren't
    amenable to 'knowledge'. Hence faith.


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