Re: MD the worst thing about 9/11 according to the MoQ

From: Chris Vlaar (
Date: Sun Oct 24 2004 - 18:55:34 BST

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    Hi Sam,

    just a short remark here: human beings are NOT a source of ideas, how
    could they be, that is a contradiction, because ideas do not belong to
    individuals, what does individuality mean, it means ' inseperable',
    are we inseperable? Are we closed subjects hovering above mechanics?
    Or are we but ' hollow barrels where history flows through?' The
    latter I reckon. How could we be <individuals> if Descartes was not
    right after all, and do we not all agree on that Descartes was
    actually wrong. We all are being narcoted on a large scale believing
    that we are individuals, that we have a free will, that people are
    born equal. If an individual is the source of an idea, then we would
    be the father of language, the handyman that uses language as his
    instrument as Wittgenstein and others proclaim, but we are not. What
    is the hitsory of the word idea, what did Plato mean by his 'ideas' -
    belonging to an individual? No way! It is a way of 'seeing' - as what
    the things appear to us, not, to me.
     Language HAS us, ideas HAVE us, we do not have ideas, we do not even
    THINK, the language thinks THROUGH us. Ideas are public. What was lost
    in 9/11: probably nothing, maybe the illusion of invincibility.
    regards Chris

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