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Date: Wed Oct 27 2004 - 14:07:36 BST

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    Platt Holden wrote:
    The contradiction I see, however, is Pirsig's
    >apparent "faith" in the unreality of "self," based I presume on Buddhist
    >faith in One Self

    Buddhist's don't have faith in One Self either.

    in spite of our "experience" or observational evidence
    >that we each are born and die separately.

    Biologically this is true. Socially there may be some patterns which cease
    along with the individual's biological patterns but there are some which
    don't. Intellectually, the patterns that have latched in other people and in
    books and online etc. will outlive the individual biological patterns but
    will lose the ability to Dynamically change with respect to that that
    particular individual.


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