Re: MD the worst thing about 9/11 according to the MoQ

From: Sam Norton (
Date: Tue Oct 26 2004 - 05:40:22 BST

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    Hi Mark (msh),

    In the 'on Faith' thread you said:
    > Sam Norton, to his credit, was quite precise about the difference
    > between God and Quality: God cares (or values) individual human
    > beings while the MOQ does not. I would disagree that the MOQ, a
    > metaphysics of MORALITY after all, places no value on individuals;
    > rather it insists that an individual's personal value should not be
    > allowed to destroy the value of things higher in the moral hierarchy,
    > specifically societies and ideas, that result in higher value for
    > all.
    > But even if it's true that Quality does not value individuals, and
    > God does, a belief in this idea of a personal, caring "ground of
    > being", is faith-based while my belief in Quality is not, or so I
    > have argued.

    I think that second paragraph is probably right, in the sense that I don't think it (faith) can be
    demonstrated conclusively through rational methods (it's too basic, ie it's too concerned with the
    fundamental premises on which rationality is then based).

    I'd like to pursue you on the first paragraph, though, and ask for an explanation of how and why the
    MoQ values individuals 'as such', in other words, as Pirsig argues, there is clearly an
    'instrumental' value in human beings as sources of ideas etc, but as far as I can tell the MoQ has
    no place for valuing the individual as an individual, as an end in him- or her-self. But I could be


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