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Date: Tue Oct 26 2004 - 05:27:57 BST

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    Hello Mark:

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    > On 25 Oct 2004 at 18:29, Erin wrote:
    > Hi,
    > I am not trying to give you a hard time mel. I am just truly
    > confused athow you distinguish these things.I'm getting dizzy
    > trying to figure out what the heck your argument is.....remind mewhy
    > you justify your belief in MOQ is not faith with the claimthat it
    > falls asRATIONAL empiricism and thenwith this new statement shun
    > rational label as SOM and seemingly start to describe arealm of
    > beyondunderstanding whichwas how you described faith.
    > msh says:
    > You're confused because you are mixing up responses from two
    > different people. MSH is not MEL.
    > Mel thinks that rejecting SOM means rejecting rationalism, a position
    > so clearly refuted by a variety of contributors to this list that
    > it's hard to understand why he still clings to it.
    > Just take a little time to examine a posting and see who's saying
    > what, before responding. You also might want to consider labelling
    > sections of your posts with things like "mel said:" , "erin says:"
    > "msh says:" This will make it a lot easier for all of us to
    > determining who's saying what in response to whom.

    Not quite sure where you got that from...rejecting the rational?
    Hardly, just got to know when to use is and how...
    As for "-isms," getting stuck in any is low quality, but then again
    we all live to be categorized by you.... ;-)


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