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From: Chuck Roghair (
Date: Tue Oct 26 2004 - 18:38:37 BST

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    Hello Platt, Everybody,

    <Platt said:>

    "Hi Chuck,

    > The MoQ is beyond understanding in as much as any metaphysics is
    > beyond understanding and if you can't understand that you have little hope
    > of understanding the MoQ.

    Happy to see you agree that the MOQ, like all metaphysics (including the
    metaphysics of SOM on which science places its bets) is based on faith."

    <Chuck responds:>

    That's not what I meant, but feel free to twist my words anytime if it
    serves your purpose.

    <Platt Said:>

    "Pirsig describes faith as "a willingness to believe in falsehoods."

    He also says that it's "possible for more than one set of truths to exist."

    So how does he distinguish a truth from a falsehood?

    If, as he said, one should choose truth on the basis of its quality, like
    choosing paintings in a gallery, then truth becomes a matter of personal
    belief. And so, logically, do falsehoods.

    Perhaps someone will explain this apparent contradiction. Why is faith in
    what's true any different than faith in what's false?."

    <Chuck replies:>

    Would a little CONTEXT be too much to ask, Platt? Chapters? Page numbers?
    How about ZMM or LILA? So the rest of us might play along as well.

    I imagine I could make the argument that the sky is purple and pigs fly by
    pulling a few words out of context here and there from both text without
    allowing anyone else the benefit of CONTEXT.

    Best regards,


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