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Date: Tue Oct 26 2004 - 22:42:35 BST

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    Hi Chuck,

    You wrote:
    > > The MoQ is beyond understanding in as much as any metaphysics is
    > > beyond understanding and if you can't understand that you have little
    > > hope of understanding the MoQ.

    I replied:
    > Happy to see you agree that the MOQ, like all metaphysics (including the
    > metaphysics of SOM on which science places its bets) is based on faith."
    > <Chuck responds:>
    > That's not what I meant, but feel free to twist my words anytime if it
    > serves your purpose.

    So, what did you mean? Try to express yourself clearly. We're not mind-

    > <Platt Said:>
    > "Pirsig describes faith as "a willingness to believe in falsehoods."
    > He also says that it's "possible for more than one set of truths to exist."
    > So how does he distinguish a truth from a falsehood?
    > If, as he said, one should choose truth on the basis of its quality, like
    > choosing paintings in a gallery, then truth becomes a matter of personal
    > belief. And so, logically, do falsehoods.
    > Perhaps someone will explain this apparent contradiction. Why is faith in
    > what's true any different than faith in what's false?."
    > <Chuck replies:>
    > Would a little CONTEXT be too much to ask, Platt? Chapters? Page numbers?
    > How about ZMM or LILA? So the rest of us might play along as well.
    > I imagine I could make the argument that the sky is purple and pigs fly by
    > pulling a few words out of context here and there from both text without
    > allowing anyone else the benefit of CONTEXT.

    If you imagine you can make the argument that the sky is purple and pigs
    fly in the context of Pirsig's writings, why don't you give it a try?


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