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Date: Thu Oct 28 2004 - 07:29:52 BST

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    Hello Platt:
    > > <Platt Said:>
    > > "Pirsig describes faith as "a willingness to believe in falsehoods."
    > >
    > > He also says that it's "possible for more than one set of truths to
    > >
    > > So how does he distinguish a truth from a falsehood?
    > >
    > > If, as he said, one should choose truth on the basis of its quality,
    > > choosing paintings in a gallery, then truth becomes a matter of personal
    > > belief. And so, logically, do falsehoods.
    > >
    > > Perhaps someone will explain this apparent contradiction. Why is faith
    > > what's true any different than faith in what's false?."
    > >

    I wonder if the answer to the apparent contradiction
    is right in what you've shown above...

    statement two: ...more than one set of it implies
    as you've said "personal belief", but taken one step it may
    be that it applies to personal experience. You have faith
    in what you have experienced as real, as being true, and
    likewise each of us assume truth to our own experience of
    what is real in our lives.

    So, the false part comes in the inability to share another's
    "personal belief" as outgrowth of another's experience. If
    we ungraciously press our belief in lieu of discovery on
    another they are forced to bear a false "truth", because they
    have not attained it.

    put another way...a man who studies thought for decades
    and finds a flash of sustained dynamic clarity, a flood of
    quality in the structure of what he has prepared in his mind
    and which prepared him in experience, then for him there is
    immense high value. To a student decades later, the degraded
    and burdened extract as taught in a university department may
    be a low quality experience yielding naught.

    Similarly a guest at Ryoanji may drop through the entire world
    as everything becomes other than itself and undivided insight
    in Dynamic Quality brings everything together into just what it is.
    But to the woman in a Northeast dojo who feels violated by her
    fellow travelers will find in the resulant tradition a sham of no

    A holy man in a mosque may dissappear into surrender and
    life bcomes purity, yet the later degraded madrasa of a distant
    student twists impressionable youth into worshipers of
    destruction, givers of pain.

    Endless possible examples of one gets it and there is no
    successful transfer to another's experience. The faith in one
    does not yeild truth in another...following the empty form will
    however bring falsehood.

    just a thought.


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