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Date: Wed Oct 27 2004 - 10:47:09 BST

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    I went three times to Boston to see the Sargent Exhibition. I felt
    something about Sargent's paintings that touched my heart. Deeply! I saw
    his paintings as prayer. There is no record that Sargent was involved in
    any a relationship with woman or man, and maybe because of that, it's been
    speculated that he was gay. I don't believe it. I believe, from seeing
    his paintings, that he was having a major love relationship with
    painting. Love with the Divine. I'm not a Sargent, but it's a
    direction. I can't think of a better direction, for me.

    Well, instead of through religion, I would like to pursue the Divine
    through painting. I find the 'big three' religions inadequate. Yet it's
    scary moving outside the culture's religions. It's hard, too, to move
    outside you family's beliefs. (Maybe for you it's easy, but for me it's
    hard.) But it may be the only way to broaden horizons and to become more
    tolerant of each other.

    I should be allowed to write what I just wrote. Why do I feel so
    vulnerable? Who should care?

    Big ego vs. little ego.


    P.S. I love Diebenkorn's work. I couldn't say which I like better, his
    abstract or more realistic period. I've seen his paintings only in a book,
    but I thought them wonderful.

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