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From: Erin (
Date: Thu Oct 28 2004 - 21:10:29 BST

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    msh says:
    When you say you prefer the painting to the wall, you are not saying
    Quality exists, you are demonstrating it. You are making a Quality
    judgment, which is in itself evidence that Quality exists. There's
    no need, and no way, to investigate further.

    Erin: I agree in the direct experience of value of the painting but I don't know about demonstrating. If another person thought the painting was so ugly the bare wall did look better, how was it demonstrated?
    MARK: However, I guess if you choose to accept the strict scientific sense
    of the word "empiricism", that "observation" means "measurement" and
    there's no other way to arrive at knowledge, and reject the broader,
    philosophical sense, you won't be convinced by my arguments.

    ERIN: I don't reject the experiences you are talking about I just prefer to call them experiences rather than empirical evidence

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