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Date: Sun Oct 31 2004 - 17:58:51 GMT

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    Hi MSH,

    A quickie

    > msh says:
    > I really like this paragraph. It says a lot about Quality, although
    > it doesn't imply that Quality cares, only that it perceives. But I
    > think we need to guard against mistaking analogy for fact. There is
    > a sense in which the Sun "gives" life, but is it the same sense in
    > which I give my nephew a bicycle?
    msh says:
    As soon as you say that Quality has preferences, (if you mean it
    literally, not poetically), you've already personified Quality.
    Once you've made that personification, I guess there's no reason to
    avoid saying that Quality is the God of Abraham and Isaac, and yada
    yada yada. But this leap, for me, doesn't answer the mystery of
    existence; it merely adds another layer of clutter to my ontological

    This made me smile. One of the main axioms in the Christian mystical tradition is that everything we
    say about God is a) an analogy and b) breaks down when pushed. So, in a very literal sense, when
    Christians say that God cares, they don't know what they're talking about. I think we have a large
    measure of agreement on this.

    See ya later

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