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Date: Wed Dec 01 2004 - 06:20:21 GMT

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    Ham to Mel and Platt:

    Mel asks --
    > > But what about the designer?
    > >
    > > Doesn't "Intelligent Design" imply a perfect designer?
    > >
    > > Would a perfect designer not produce a perfect design?

    Platt answers --
    > What makes you think Intelligent Design implies a perfect designer?

    Think about it this way, Mel.

    Who are we to question "imperfection"? How do we know that what we see as
    imperfect may not be essential to the development of man's value
    sensibility? For example, if man were born perfect of what use would
    morality be?
    If we never had to suffer the pain of arthritic joints or aching backs, how
    could we appreciate the value of robust health? If there were no ugliness,
    how would we ever appreciate beauty?

    These are not just platitudes; I am quite serious. There is a reason that
    we live in a relational universe. For anyone who has studied embryology or
    the immune system, nothing produced by man approaches the perfection of
    these biological systems. But even the most perfectly constructed clock
    occasionally needs oiling and eventually wears down. We also need to
    experience things that "go wrong", like illness and infirmity, blindness,
    deafness and deformity. It would be impossible to derive (high quality)
    value from life without such (low quality) experience. Wasn't it Pirsig who
    came up with "some things are better than others" as a definition for
    Quality? Think about it.

    I submit that what we regard as imperfections are not "defects" of creation,
    but part of the learning curve built into the Master Design for man's
    edification. Life is a struggle most of the time for most of us. How
    better to appreciate the joys and triumphs in overcoming the struggle?
    There will come a day for each of us to trade our conditional existence for
    the Absolute Oneness of our designer. Let's hope we will have realized the
    value of this singular existence before that day arrives.

    (Just a thought to ponder from one whose life-experience is mostly behind

    Essentially yours,

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