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From: Mark Steven Heyman (
Date: Wed Dec 01 2004 - 19:53:21 GMT

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    On 30 Nov 2004 at 19:55, wrote:

    All morality is relative. Since your Quality is what I call Value
    and some call Goodness, it is relative to man's conscious awareness
    which is the raison d'etre of existence.

    msh asks:
    Man's conscious awareness is the "reason for existence" of existence?
    Or do you mean raison d'etre in the less strict sense of teleological
    purpose? If so, the MOQ provides all the purpose one needs: the
    purpose of existence is to strive for Quality, to simply get better.

    On 1 Dec 2004 at 1:20, wrote:

    Who are we to question "imperfection"?

    Well, then who are we to question anything? This problem of
    imperfection only arises when someone tries to explain empirical
    reality after positing the existence of a perfect "designer." Drop
    the assumption, and the "problem" disappears.

    How do we know that what we see as imperfect may not be essential to
    the development of man's value sensibility?

    msh says:
    We don't. But why assume the imperfections are put in place as part
    of a design to develop man's value sensibility; why not simply
    recognize that every sentient's value sensibility develops because
    the world is an imperfect place?

    These are not just platitudes; I am quite serious. There is a reason
    that we live in a relational universe.

    msh says:
    Again, cart before the horse.

    For anyone who has studied embryology or the immune system, nothing
    produced by man approaches the perfection of these biological
    systems. But even the most perfectly constructed clock occasionally
    needs oiling and eventually wears down.

    msh says:
    Please. Anyone who has studied either of the systems you mention is
    well-aware of how imperfect they are. Ever hear of AIDS? Horribly
    deformed new-borns and non-viable fetuses?

    I submit that what we regard as imperfections are not "defects" of
    creation, but part of the learning curve built into the Master Design
    for man's edification.

    msh says:
    Your submission is really a highly suspect assumption, based on
    "facts" not in evidence.

    There will come a day for each of us to trade our conditional
    existence for the Absolute Oneness of our designer. Let's hope we
    will have realized the value of this singular existence before that
    day arrives.

    (Just a thought to ponder from one whose life-experience is mostly
    behind him.)

    msh says:
    I appreciate the thought, and can even understand the attraction for
    some people, to some extent. However, contrary to popular mythology,
    we are all in the same foxhole, and many of us love life enough to
    take it, and leave it, on its own terms, no comforting certainty

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