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Date: Fri Dec 03 2004 - 17:39:00 GMT

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    Hi, Marsha --

    Your postings have added some sparkle to these discussions. I'm personally
    not into New Age philosophies, but your alternate reality perspectives
    provide insights that the MoQ is sorely in need of.
    > I recently had my printer fixed. The guy at the shop told me I was lucky,
    > that my older printer was less costly to run. He told me that the printer
    > manufacturers had discovered larger profit could be made by selling
    > ink. So, printers are now designed to use lots of ink. This is thievery.
    > To expand this thievery, it is also prevalent in the medical industry.
    > the consequences are often devastating.

    It would seem that you are taking the word of a salesman at face value here.
    Who knows what "selfish" agenda he has to woo you as a customer? As a
    general rule, I've found that quality is what you pay for, and my experience
    with printers -- I own an early model HP OfficeJet -- bears this out. I was
    "lured" into including this unit by my Dell computer salesman who naturally
    wanted to beef up the cost of my order. He had a great line: "Buying a
    computer without a printer is like buying a car without tires." He won me
    over in a single phone call! The HP ink cartridges are the most expensive
    on the market, and they are never discounted. But I have never had a
    problem with the printer in the four years I've used it. It's the most
    reliable component in my PC system.

    My advice is to compare prices but stick with the name brands. The last
    thing these manufacturers want is a dissatisfied customer.

    > And I agree with Marks statement about the offensive advertising. When I
    > hear the term moral value, it's advertising where I see immorality
    > practiced. The advertising think nothing of sexually exploiting children
    > to turn them into consumers. Advertisers are the lowest of the low.

    My experience in advertising was on the industrial side, mostly with a
    conservative company with high ethical standards. In the agency business I
    encountered some "fly by nighters", but they were few and far between and
    they didn't last long.
    Sure there is some fraud, just as there are dishonest people. But would you
    rather deal with State-sponsored mediocrity and pay license fees to own a TV
    or radio? Can you imagine what would happen to technical development in
    this country if all goods marketed were subject to price control? I refuse
    to pay for cable service, so I willingly submit to commercial advertising in
    the belief that the airwaves are free. Informed consumers are usualkly
    capable of separating BS from Truth.

    If you've really been rooked, report it to the Better Business Bureau.
    Fraud is not tolerated in our free-market society.

    Best regards,

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