Re: MD Is Morality Relative?

From: MarshaV (
Date: Fri Dec 03 2004 - 20:12:04 GMT

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    Hello Ham!

    New Age?  I'm a white-lighter, am I? 

    The service guy was not trying to sell me anything.  We were just chatting, when out came his information.  He had nothing to gain either way.  He was showing me how to fix the printer myself.  I've spent a few years in business myself, manufacturing and accounting systems.  And quite frankly, I believe him.  Another example of fraud is the "new purple pill", which really contains nothing new except its higher price.  Or how about the tobacco industry for ethical advertising?  Please!!! 

    Fraud is our free market society.  You need only watch the House and Senate to realize that a free market society does not exist in the U.S.of A. 

    Fairy dust on ya,


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