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Date: Sun Dec 05 2004 - 00:34:16 GMT

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    ham said:
    ..................................................Platt, this insistence on
    attributing morality to biology, physics and arithmetic will be the death of
    me yet! Man may be constructed from many levels, but morality expresses
    man's values, not the laws of the universe. Are you aware of any other
    philosophers who have extended morality to non-human entities? I'm simply
    not able to make that connection, so I guess it's an area where we part

    "One of Phaedrus' old school texts, written by M. Hiriyanna, contained a
    good summary: 'RTA, which etymologically stands for 'source' originally
    meant 'cosmic order', the maintenance of which was the purpose of all the
    gods; and later it also came to mean 'right', so that the gods were
    concieved as preserving the world not merely from physical disorder but also
    from moral chaos. The one idea is implicit in the other; and there is order
    in the universe because its control is in righteous hands...'
    The physical order of the universe is also the moral order of the unverse.
    RTA is both. This was exactlt what the MOQ was claiming. It was not a new
    idea. It was the oldest idea known to man." (LILA, pages 381-2)

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