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Date: Sun Dec 05 2004 - 01:45:51 GMT

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    Platt Holden <> wrote:

    > And that "flaky" statement about certainty was YOUR
    > response to my question of is there anything that MOQers would constitute
    > as being certain. So if you are taking back that too then can you give me
    > a couple of things you do know for certain.

    I'm not taking it back. I thought everyone would recognized immediately
    without explanation that it was self-contradictory. Then I pointed out to you
    that it was self-contradictory. No reason to take it back at all: The
    statement refutes itself.

    > I got the math 2+ 2 thingy is certain, and some things are better than
    > others thingy, but that is a little bit of a cop-out answer to me--- so far
    > as more specifics --anything you want to list as you know for certain,
    > anybody? we don't want to be all "flaky" here

    The premise "some things are better than others" is a perfectly sound
    premise on which to base a philosophy. You may not agree with it, but it
    doesn't contradict itself. Why you consider it a "cop out" is a mystery to
    me. It's the founding principle of the MOQ that can't be denied without
    invoking it.


    Cop out was probably not the right choice of words. I meant that those are obvious certainties, but if that is all we can agree on, then the MOQ is pretty "flaky" in guiding behavior. Using the MOQ as a guide to answer "What do you know for sure?" I would hope we can come up with more than those two examples. I am not denying or disagreeing with the premise though, guess I was just hoping there was more we can agree on being certain. When I posed the question of what all MOQers would agree as being certain I got NO responses except for your "flaky" response, which yes I thought had to be sarcastic but still with that sarcastic response no suggestions yourself.


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