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    From: Scott Roberts said:
    .........................................................Thus, the step
    toward thinking in terms of contradictory identity is that of going from
    just treating the self as paradox to treating the self as a locus of
    contradictory identity. Or, contradictory identity is not just a way to
    think about the self, rather, contradictory identity is what makes the self
    happen. ...One can apply the same logic to DQ and SQ, but if one does, one
    gets something different from the treatment of these as given in the MOQ...

    The Oxford Companion to Philosophy says:

    NISHIDA KITARO (1870-1945) Foremost Japanese philosopher of the 20th century
    and founding father of the Kyoto School, Nishida is best known for his
    path-breaking work of 1911, AN INQUIRY INTO THE GOOD. With this book he
    began to articulate a system of thought based on the Zen Buddhist experience
    in terms borrowed from French, German and Anglo-American philosophy,
    psychology, and natural science. Drawing on William James and Henry Bergson,
    Nishida developed a philosophy based on 'pure experience' as that which
    underlies the subject-object relation. A thinker of great erudition and
    learning, he developed and refined his system over several decades to
    encompass the social and historical worlds as well as the world of religion.
    Central to Nishida's thinking are the ideas of the 'topos of nothingness'
    and of the world as the 'self-identity of absolute contradictories'."

    "Pure experience that underlies the subject-object relation" How much more
    Pirsigian does it have to be? It seems like you have to be clobbered over
    the head before you'll notice that this stuff only supports and illuminates
    the MOQ, and then you still don't see it. I really don't know what else to
    do except put it in front of your eyes and hope for the best. Bonehead.

    wearily yours,

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