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Date: Sun Dec 05 2004 - 16:20:17 GMT

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    > No culture, religion, or political state is absolutely superior to any
    > other. No intellect is absolutely superior to any other.

    Do you are believe those statements to be the absolute truth? If not, why
    shouldn't I consider them to be arbitrary opinions?

    Hi Platt,
    You should consider them arbitrary opinions, and even I could not consider
    them absolute truths, quite simply because there is no way of knowing anything
    to be absolute. Even Pirsig has stated something to the nature, that his
    philosophy is no more than his opinion. I have offered that what I offer here is
    no more than my opinion, or my thoughts, and should only be taken as such
    without my having to place a disclaimer at the bottom of each reply that I am a
    'Know-nothing Philosopher'.
    Five years studying a philosophy is not a period for which you should be
    able to claim you have become enlightened, so even though I spent five years
    studying investing, equity evaluation, and corporate finance, when I offer my
    ideas on the investment forums, I still offer the ideas as I did in the
    beginning; I am a "Know-nothing Investor." What I found by doing so, that I have
    developed a plan that will work no matter the market, or the philosophy of
    others who appear to have 'The' investment philosophy that works for the period
    they have been investing.
    Thirteen years is also not enough time to claim that I have developed a
    Parent and Child philosophy for a child that obviously does not fit the so-called
    psychological and neurological 'Norm' of mental attributes that would allow
    him to become a well balanced contributing member of society. But, I feel I
    have developed a philosophy of parent and child through this same
    'Know-nothingness' attitude, that will allow him the opportunity to become a well
    balanced contributing member of society no matter his or society's opinion of what
    should be.
    A lifetime of studying religion, particularly Christianity, has left me in
    this same state of 'Know-nothingness' in my own affairs, and it appears that it
     has left most of those I have studied with in the same state. The same holds
     true here. I have found a spirituality that works for me, no matter the
    opinions or faith of the religious/non-religious world in which I live now, or
    the life after.
    I have stated before that I would welcome the opinion of the 'New Eyes' in
    this forum as much as I would welcome the opinion of the accomplished. This is
    due to the experiences I have had with the academically accomplished and the
    academically unaccomplished. It would seem to me that Socrates stated it
    best; "They think they know, but don't. At least I know I don't know."
    (paraphrased, and of course limited to the words of Plato)
    As with any of these, I feel the same would hold true for the 'Philosophy of
    Life' in general. It is an ongoing thing, and not matter our past
    experiences, or perceived knowledge, we are still all 'Know-nothing Philosophers' in
    search of, and learning as we go along. Everyone is equally right and wrong.
    There is no way of knowing which is which.
    Platt) -- On what basis do you determine what constitutes a "better life"?
    Chin) -- Same answer. The answer to this riddle;
    When one says that life and death do exist,
    he immediately gets two horns grow on his head.
    When one says that life and death do not exist,
    he immediately gets two horns grow on his head, too.
    When one says that life and death neither exist nor do not exist,
    he also gets two horns grow on his head.
    When one says that neither life nor death does exist or does not exist,
    he gets two horns grown on his head, too.
    So, what would you say about life and death in order to not getting any horn
    growing on your head?

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