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    Hello Platt:

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    > Shall I go on?

    > Will someone please explain why the word "absolute" is
    considered to be anathema?
    > Platt

    For a long while I have been bothered by the
    realization of morality in the unfolding of history.
    So called "absolute authority" seems to behave
    quite relatively and in doing so to self-undermine.
    Church history (any church) is a good example.

    After reading MoQ and considering that a church
    is a complex of several levels it becamo clearer.

    The APPLICATION of morality is relative and most
    of the PRONOUNCEMENTS are about the social
    or cultural.

    The only distilllation that seems to make sense
    to me as "absolutish" is something like this:

    "Actions of deliberate harmful degradation,
    that ring in the conscience,
    when an alternative exist,

    It is still an evolving interpretaton of
    what seems right to me.

    [The reply I made to MSH/Chomsky
    was full of several examples of such
    emotionally satisfying but immoral
    replies. I stooped to the level I found,
    displaying a typical weak human character.]



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