Re: MD Is Morality Relative?

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Date: Mon Dec 06 2004 - 00:43:24 GMT

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    Erin, All:

    > ERIN: LOL If a paragraph ever had a Platt essence this would be it. So are
    > you saying that his theory should be taken as provisional or not. It seems
    > like you are saying it should but with your fingers crossed. Saying
    > something (so as not to be charged????????) but not really believing it,
    > is that being flaky or just a liar? What is the heck "charge of the
    > absolutes" , is there an absolute police or something---if you believe
    > there are absolutes please list them. If you believe the MOQ should not be
    > taken as provisional say so.

    Beginning the list of absolutes:

    1. I'm absolutely certain the MOQ should be taken as provisional.

    2. I'm absolutely certain someone believes there are no absolutes.

    3. I'm absolutely certain someone wrote, "If a paragraph ever had a Platt
    essence this would be it."

    Shall I go on?

    Anyway, what IS your problem with absolutes? Are you not certain of
    anything? Your name, perhaps? Or that two bodies can't occupy the same
    space at the same time? Or that someday you are going to die?

    Will someone please explain why the word "absolute" is considered to be


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