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Date: Mon Dec 06 2004 - 19:03:58 GMT

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    Hi Chin,
    One of the books that has had a big impact on my thinking is about generational attitude shifts,
    called 'The Fourth Turning' . You might like to take a look at it, as
    it is relevant to your point. Also Kuhn, of course, argues that what ultimately causes one paradigm
    to change to another is that the advocates of one paradigm simply die out and aren't replaced. I
    think that is some testimony to the Quality inherent in a particular idea, but it lessens the
    rational emphasis somewhat.

    PS I'm very interested in the book you're writing. Hope it gets finished soon.

    > thought is that we have gone from the 'Woodstock generation'
    > to the 'Wall Street generation', and it appears the lack of values is the only
    > thing that constant through this generation (mine), except for some pretty
    > decent tunes.
    > I think back to what I learned during this period, and it does seem to me
    > the culture shock brought us to a new way of looking at things. What I see more
    > is the effect it had on the upcoming generation. It is like a scientific
    > discovery. The arguments never allow the discovery to become a part of the
    > culture during the period in which it is discovered, as there is value in both
    > side's arguments -- Einstein -vs.- Bhor for instance. Once the next generation
    > comes to it, it is no longer questioned, as it is then familiar in history --
    > it becomes accepted whether right or wrong.
    > What you think?
    > Chin

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