Re: MD The Quality of Capitalism?

From: Mark Steven Heyman (
Date: Fri Dec 10 2004 - 01:34:51 GMT

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    Hi Platt,

    On 9 Dec 2004 at 10:31, Platt Holden wrote:

    Anyway, what has all this got to do with Pirsig's MOQ? I mean, I
    enjoy discussing these things with you, but is it really relevant to
    the purpose of this forum? Should Horse step in and blow the whistle?

    msh says:
    Huh? You chose to respond, remember?

    Arlo and Sam have both indicated they are working on contributions to
    this thread, and they are welcome to bring the ideas of the MOQ into
    the discussion. I have my own MOQ arguments attacking the inequities
    resulting from the so-called free market. Some I've posted already;
    others will be introduced later.

    This thread is not about Chomsky, but about whether or not profit-
    dominated free market systems are the highest quality way of
    organizing a society's economy. The subject is clearly marked. Why
    not filter it out if you don't want to participate?

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