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Date: Mon Dec 13 2004 - 00:38:24 GMT

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    You say:
    ...will prevail in taking
    > over the Democrat party, assuring your continued dwelling in the
    > wilderness for another generation.

    ??? Wilderness?? 49% of the citizens of this nation voted for "the most liberal
    member of congress". Nearly all heavily populated states, and practically all
    urban areas voted for "the most liberal member of congress". NYC, the most
    dynamic place on earth (as attested to by you), voted overwhelmingly Kerry.

    You can shout "we won" until you're blue in the face, but that does not make you
    an overwhelming majority, or one with a clear mandate to take the country to
    far-right extremism or hand it over to big business and fundamental
    christianity. AND, of course, you fail to mention that the majority of those
    polled who voted Bush said they did so (1) to prevent gays from marrying, or
    (2) because America would lose to AlQaeda if Kerry was elected. Hardly
    intellectual "strong points" for the strong intellectual fiber of the right...
    unless "fear" and "xenophobia" count as "intellectual patterns".

    No, this was a victory for Victorian morality, a return to the good old days, a
    strengthening of social control over the lives of individuals (oh, unless only
    business counts), won by an amazing effective propaganda machine fueled by
    anger and hate and fear. Goebbles would be very proud, Platt, very proud

    If the vote went 51/49 FOR Kerry, I doubt you willingly assert that liberalism
    would have a clear mandate to "spend its political capital"? Would you??? Or
    that "republicans" didn't get it? Nope, you'd say that we won with the slimmest
    of margins, and that a near majority of people in the country oppose
    liberalism, wouldn't you??? Suuuuuuure you would :-)

    Not to mention that nearly all areas that correlate with academic hubs (groan, I
    can forsee your response to this :-)), and all nearly all areas with high-tech
    or knowledge workforce majorities voted "blue". And most areas with a
    significant "non-white" population (whether Indian, Asian, Black or Hispanic).
    If you call this "the wilderness", I'd prefer it over the bleak red landscapes
    any day.


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