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Date: Mon Dec 13 2004 - 15:08:15 GMT

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    Hi Mel, MSH,

    > In economic systems Pirsig tackled a rather larger subject
    > than he was ready the execution of business, especially
    > small business, which is the majority of the movement of the
    > economy, the level of operation is Intellectual and not just Social.

    You know, I never thought of that, but now that you mention it . . .

    > For far too long we have accepted the NOW deliberate lie that
    > our poly-morphus market system is Capitalist, which it only to
    > 20% is. This makes the poly-morphus market system a far more
    > significant INTELLECTUAL system that Pirsig presumed.
    > We have a competitive system of intellectual market assumptions
    > that is freighted with far more total intellect than any Socialist type of
    > system ever imagined. It is misleading to refer to the Socialist as
    > intellectual after such a comparison.
    > The error comes in at confusing the resultant target with the process.
    > Pirsig assued that the intellectual choice of a target for an economy was
    > more significant than the intellectual input. It is however, the other way
    > around. The emergent effect of the intellectual density in a poly-morphus
    > market economy is far in excess of anything centrally planned.
    > This coupled with the Dynamic is crushing, at our stage of econ
    > is far from perfect, but like Churchill's statement on
    > Democracy, it is the worst possible save ALL OTHERS.

     . . . and now that you've explained it, I'm convinced.

    > mel: morality runs in two vectors...Higher level AND to the DYNAMIC

    A point I also made a long time ago, but had forgotten until you came up
    with this reminder. Quality runs from low to high horizontally at every
    level, and runs from low to high vertically from level to level--the two
    vectors of morality. Thanks for focusing on that again. It's well to keep
    it in mind.
    > Of course corporations try to exert influence...that is another
    > check against untrammeled centralized authority...tens-of-
    > thousands of corporations with BILLIONS of owners in the
    > aggregate. Of couse since the stockholders are both the
    > American people and any foreign stock holders, that is a pretty
    > large consensus group; some win, some lose.
    > From Jefferson or so onward, it seems that Cronyism is
    > about as stable a phenomenon as I can see in history.
    > Show me the GNP delta so represented, and I will be
    > open to listening to such irrelevancy.
    > You fail to see that fascism is GOv't telling the economy
    > how to behave, where the rather more free markets
    > squeak when stepped on and try to direct the government.
    > (The dynamic tells the static where to go...) this is
    > converse or obverse to fascism , depending on where
    > you pivot.
    > Chomsky is irrelevant to anything but his own glory.
    > He does not have enough awareness to address MoQ
    > on its own terms, so he is just a sadly fallen SOM figure
    > who should pass unremarked into the ash can of history.
    > Leave him be.

    All of which makes sense to me.

    Thanks Mel,

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